Kemo’s Gambia

My name is Kemo Jawo and I'm a professional tourist guide in Gambia

Kemo Jawo, professional tourist
guide in Gambia

The people wich travel to subsaharian Africa don't look for monuments or ruins of old civilizations, they feel atracted of the human side, they want to know others cultures and ways of life wich are totally integrated in a nature environment, far from our european way of life.

My goal is to show the travelers my beautiful country, leaving an unforgettable experience and sharing with him a kind of tourism wich respects and helps the local development.

I organize differents routes trought Gambia and Senegal. I look after our clients during all the visit and kip up and leave you at any time at the airport.

Apart from the regulars routes that you can consult in the website I can plan routes to the satisfaction of each tourist, according to his interest and always offering the most econimics options.
Atention: This is a personal website of a professional guide, so we don't search any flight and don't attend to obtain the visa.

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