28 December, 2016

The Kora

The Kora is a west african string instrument traditional from Gambia and Senegal and also Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Mali and Burkina Faso. Form This instrument is […]
28 December, 2016

Fathala Wildelife Reserve

  These pictures are from Fathala Wildelife Reserve in Senegal at 12 Km from the north border with Gambia. It is a 6000 hectars park of […]
2 September, 2016

Looking for the Roots

This year has been shown the new remake of the 1977 miniseries Roots based on Alex Haley’s novel (1976). The action goes back to the 18th […]
20 July, 2016

The small Jamaica

Reggae music and culture has a big influence in Gambia. Because of that Gambia is also known as the small Jamaica. There are many reggae singers […]
13 July, 2016

Sona Jobarteh

Sona Jobarteh is a Gambian musician and composer born in the UK. She is cousin of the famous Kora player Toumani Diabate and sister of the […]

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