Fathala Wildelife Reserve

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2 September, 2016
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28 December, 2016

Fathala Wildelife Reserve



Thimg-20161013-wa0004ese pictures are from Fathala Wildelife Reserve in Senegal at 12 Km from the north border with Gambia. It is a 6000 hectars park of original and protected forest that offers the visitors an original stretch of the African wilderness in it’s original condition.

Himg-20161013-wa0002ere you can see diferent kinds of african animals like zebras, giraffes, warthogs, antelopes, lions, western giant eland.

You can enjoy a safari in a 4×4 or walk wiyh the lions. The Park has also a lodge that offers a romantic getaway in a luxurious tent in the shadows of the majestic African Mahogany trees.
For more information you can visit the Fathala Reserve website