Interesting Places

Interesting places in Gambia


Banjul, also colled Bathurst, is the capital of The Gambia, founded in 1816.

It's located on an Island on mouth of the Gambia River and it is the administrative and economic centre of the country. There are many places to visit in the city like the Arch 22 with its nice over view, the National Museum and the famous Albert Market, a street market founded in the middle of the 19th century.

Very recomended is the visit to the old colonial buildings and krio styl wooden houses that remind of the architecture of Freetown in Sierra Leone.


This is a big city around 35 km south of Banjul and is known for its musicians and for the wood caving that you can find in the craft market.

Author photo: Claire Rowland


Farafenni is an important comercial town on the north bank of the river and around 110 km from Barra.

It is located between the border post with Senegal and the ferry terminal that cross to the other side of the river..

Author photo: Ikiwaner

Juffereh and James Island

Juffereh is a small village located around 30 km on the north bank of the River Gambia with a very interesting slavery museum and where live the descendants of the famous slave Kunta Kinteh, main character of Alex Haley's Roots.

Very close from Juffereh is James Island, also colled Kunta Kinteh Island and part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites because in this place slave were kept from the beginning of the slave trade in 1456. The ruins of the Fort James (1650s) occupy the most part of the Island.


Serekunda is located 13 km south-west of Banjul and is the largest urban centre in the country.

The Serekunda market is the main comercial centre visited daily by a lot of people and it is a recomended visit to experience the real african life and the beautiful colours of the african women's dresses.

Author photo: Steve Wheeler


This is a fishing village on the south coast.

It is very interesting to see fishermen working on the boats and transporting the daily fish catch to the beach.

You can also visit the smoke houses where the fish is prepared for the transporting to diferent places in The Gambia.

Author photo: Niels Elgaard Larsen


Ziguinchor is the second largest city of Senegal and the regional capital of Casamance.

Once it was a hub of the slave trade but now is a dynamic town with a large commercial and agricultural centre and represents one of the major tourist towns in Senegal.

There are many places to visit in the city like the old colonnade houses of its colonial quarters, evoking the trading post atmosphere. The market at Saint Maur des Fossés and the building for the Alliance Franco-Sénégalaise, with its interior decoration are also worth a look.

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